Roger L. Simon

The Fairness Doctrine is equal time for the brain dead

A new Rasmussen Poll quoted on Drudge shows 47%  favor government mandated political balance on radio and television (a lower number favors these mandates for the Internet).  Of course the mandated “balance” they are talking about is between those hoary  concepts “liberal” and “conservative”.  Meanwhile, considerable polling data from other sources (including Pajamas Media) indicates the majority of Americans do not identify with either of these ideologies. In other words, more people in reality are political hybrids, American pragmatists, if you will. What about equal time for them?  Not likely. Too hard to quantify.

What the absurdly named Fairness Doctrine holds for us then is one long perpetual Hannity & Colmes Show, a tedious debate for the lowest common denominator between two increasingly stultified and stultifying ideas that we have been debating from time immemorial to less and less effect. Genuinely original thoughts under this peculiar doctrine would have little chance because they didn’t fit the tired mold.  No fairness.  No equal time. Socrates, you’re out. Galileo, sayonara.  Al Franken and Ann Coulter, you’re in.