Roger L. Simon

The Good News and the Bad News on the Fourth of July

It’s an easy one, folks.  The good and bad news all in one:  Barack Obama is a hack.

As he announces he may “refine” his views on Iraq, as he steps back from NAFTA protectionism, as hc “clarifies” his positions on capital punishment, gun control, abortion,  capital gains, etc., etc., we now see writ large close to the most conventional politician to come down the pike in some time.  How much of this backpedaling is for real? I am almost certain not even Barack knows for sure.  As commenter Terrye writes below, he could “go back to position#1” the moment he’s sworn in.

Still, there is some reassurance that the candidate of amorphous “change” is in reality the candidate of “politics as usual.”

The bad news is that public doesn’t seem to know it– or if they do, they don’t care.   A large number appear to regard Obama as a demi-god and his campaign is clearly reveling in it.  They are floating the idea of changing the venue of his acceptance speech from Denver’s Pepsi Center to the much larger outdoor  Invesco Field. I’m not going to indulge in the obvious comparisons. But I am disturbed by this development.  76,000 people blindly screaming “Yes, we can!” in a giant stadium is not an image I relish seeing in a free society.

In any case, Happy Fourth… and if you haven’t, check in on Roger Kimball’s meditation.