Roger L. Simon

How Much Do We Trust the Polls?

I know – not much. Zogby particularly has disgraced himself recently. But here he is back, teamed up with Reuters, to tell us today the McCain and Obama are neck and neck, but that the Arizona Senator has a slim lead over Clinton. Meanwhile, Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll–which for some reason Drudge seems not to link–has been showing McCain in the lead over both Democrats for some time now.

The latter makes more horse sense since the NYT is already “sounding the alarm” for Democrats to straighten up and stop abusing each other. It will be interesting to see how Obama and Clinton treat each other tonight since they both clearly hate each other’s gut at this point. I would love to find someone with enough background to write a good analysis on the politicization of polls for Pajamas Media.

Meanwhile, I recommend Richard Fernandez’s piece on China.