Roger L. Simon

Debate Report:It's the "Special Interests," Stupid!

Hillary said it again tonight when asked why she should be elected. America needs someone strong enough to… you guessed it… “take on the Special Interests.”

Is this now the most moribund cliché in American English or is it still “At the end of the day…”? Or is it too close to call? You decide. I vote for the “Special Interests.” Obama referred to them too in his response to the same debate wrap-up. [Who are the “Special Interests”?-ed. Stop being a phony. You know very well. I don’t. Oh, come on… it’s those…”Special Interests.” I still don’t know. C’mon, you idiot – it’s everyone you don’t like. Oh, those “Special Interests.” At last, you understand.]

UPDATE: “Special Interests Google Derby”

I googled the following – “special interests” = 13,600,000 hits
“special interests” + obama = 2,300,000
“special interests” + clinton = 436,000
“special interests” + McCain = 210,000

The Arizona Senator clearly has some catching up to do in this area.
For the record – “at the end of the day” still very strong at 12,700,000

And, in case you’re interested – “special interests” + “at the end of the day” = 42,800… and guess which one is first !