Roger L. Simon

McCain, Clint and the whole damn thing

As you can read on PJ, I was over at the Bonaventure today, checking out McCain’s big foreign policy speech (nothing too new there). Had to get up way early in the morning to get downtown, so excuse any inaccuracies. I know, I know, I’m not as old as McCain, so I shouldn’t complain. Speaking of which, the guy is something of a wonder. Full of energy at whatever Methusalah-like age he is. Isn’t 70 the new 28? He did seem a little tired reading his prepared text, however, but sprang to life… as I indicated in my piece… during the Q&A.

We’re doing a video in and around this event and Cong. Brad Sherman’s counter speech. Bill Bradley and I will be interviewing Sherman. It will be interesting to see how he differentiates himself from McCain. Let’s hope it’s not just talking points…. zzzz…

UPDATE: Although a link on Drudge claims the pastor flap has not hurt Obama, that is only true versus Hillary. Versus McCain, Obama continues to fall. Rasmussen daily tracking now shows McCain up by ten over Obama for the first time.