Roger L. Simon

Spitzer - the gift that keeps on giving...

…to bloggers, talk show hosts and, of course, the New York Post, which is having a journalistic orgasm. And what luck for the chattering classes – what with the Obama/Hillary duel veering toward the tedious – that El Elioto is not stepping down gracefully and easily. He may even be plotting to hold onto his job… no real surprise there, except for who is instigating his obstinacy. Answer here. (Yes, there’s that little matter of not wanting to be sent up. And, yes, my wife wrote it – full disclosure.)

UPDATE: Here’s an interesting detail from a very recent AP story saying Spitzer may have spent as much as 80K on hookers:

Atill another law enforcement official said investigators found that during the tryst with Kristen on the night before Valentine’s Day, Spitzer used two rooms at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington – one for himself, the other for the prostitute. Sometime around 10 p.m., Spitzer sneaked away from his security detail and made his way to the room where she was waiting, the official said. The three officials spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the case.

Hmmm… “Spitzer sneaked away from his security detail…” Now how did it he do that? Slip them a Mickey Finn perhaps? Or was his security detail in on the drill? Sound familiar?