Roger L. Simon

Nick Cohen in his Pajamas and what some people are saying about me

I am proud to see Nick Cohen’s artful piece – Why Brits Don’t Swoon Over Obama – on PJM this morning. Nick is one of the originators of The Euston Manifesto. Of note is his commentary on why the Tories seem to be favoring Hillary in this election: “The Conservatives have also grasped what liberals still don’t understand: Bill Clinton was one of them. His balanced budgets look good to Tory eyes when compared against the deficits of the Bush years, while his attacks on the needy have inspired the Tories to propose bringing his welfare ‘reforms’ to Britain.”

I was amused to read this today not only for its perspicacity, but also because just the other day I was attacked because Pajamas Media and supposedly I think of Hillary Clinton as a “monster.” Well, to be honest, I voted for Hillary Clinton in the California Primary, because I am still a registered Democrat. I have voted only twice for a Republican in my life. Yes, I intend to vote for McCain in the general, but I don’t normally vote for people I regard as “monsters” even in the primary. And in truth I don’t regard any American politicians as monsters, not current ones anyway… liars and hypocrites, maybe…but monsters, no, not anything close. I reserve that term for the likes of Saddam Hussein, Ayatollah Khomeini, Stalin, etc.

But obviously that doesn’t stop people from imputing this hatred to me. Interesting, isn’t it? Perhaps the apostate thing makes me a magnet. Or maybe it’s projection. Anyway, enjoy Cohen’s piece. It’s a good one.