Power to the Stupid: Obama's Choice of Samantha Power as an Advisor...

… shows worse judgment on the part of Barack than his consorting with the sleazy Rezko. Rezko, after all, was being used for cheap real estate, campaign cash, etc. – standard fare, alas, for our politicians. Power – who is such an undiplomatic nitwit that she would call Hillary Clinton a “monster” to the press in the midst of a presidential campaign – is an Obama “senior foreign policy advisor,” of all things. How unsophisticated can you get? It was this woman who recommended we talk with Ahmadinejad if only to register our “displeasure.” If this is what we want in the White House, I’m baffled.


UPDATE: If I were Obama, I’d fire Ms. Power today. Let’s see what he does. In a sense, it’s a defining moment.

MORE: Power has resigned.


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