Roger L. Simon

Is Mitt Angling for Veep?

I know it would give Ann Coulter apoplexy… or maybe she’d secretly love it – it would sell even more books… but I started to get that feeling last night watching the non-stop campaign and Indian ads on Fox News.

Now this may simply be the luck of the draw, but none of the Romney ads I saw featured attacks on McCain or even mentioned him. (This was true in reverse of the McCain ads, but he’s the front runner.) I know Romney is not afraid to use such ads – he has recently. But at least in Los Angeles… and only a few days from Super Tuesday… they had vanished. Maybe Mitt has decided to get something for his money, take a vice-presidential nomination and look forward to 2012. At his age, McCain is likely to be a one-term president if he succeeds. (Of course, who knows if McCain would be even slightly interested in running with Romney?) On verra.