Roger L. Simon

Annals of Liberalism - Ms. Steinem Meet Mr. Soros

In the last few days we have yet two more examples of the tawdry hypocrisy of modern liberalism popped up on our screens: 1. Ms. Magazine has refused to run a benign Israeli advertisement showing powerful women in their society like Tzipi Livni (although they have been perfectly happy to display the likes of Nancy Pelosi on their cover). 2. The now widely discredited Lancet study of deaths in Iraq has been revealed to have been financed in large degree by George Soros.

What’s interesting to me is how completely predictable both of these revelations are. Phyllis Chesler – who was there at the founding of Ms. – tells us the magazine is now back and shuffling, looking to cover their ass. Again, no surprise. George Soros will undoubtedly make no comment. Billionaires don’t. He didn’t have much to say when he famously shorted the British pound either. Who knows how many people he put out of worki? The word “progressive” has turned into “newspeak.”