More One-Word Movie Reviews (Not)

Continuing my one word reviews (WATCHED or EJECTED) from my stack of Academy Award freebies. As readers know, I violated the one word rule from the get-go. Oh, well….


Enchanted – WATCHED, but only because Madeleine was with me. This one wasn’t as good as the reviews. This is the kind of movie Hollywood made more often years ago and better then too. The new version misses the requisite Star Power for this kind of thing (among other faults).

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly – WATCHED!!! This is the first movie I have seen among this year’s crop that merits an award. In fact, I doubt if I will see anything better. Julian Schnabel’s film of the extraordinary experience of French journalist J-D Bauby is a masterpiece – or something close to it. Bauby had a form of stroke – cerebro-vascular accident – which paralyzed him, and then wrote a book by blinking his one good eye. See this movie. Visually one of the greatest films in recent memory. It takes you inside the point of view of a stroke victim – deeply sad but riveting.


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