Scandal Time, Global Warming and the Silver Bullet

Or should I call it Scoundrel Time, as Hellman did? It seems, a/c Robert Novak, the Hillary Campaign is holding devastating information about Obama. If the other news du jour – that global warming is worse than we thought – turns out to be true, such minor contretemps (including our election) will, of course, be irrelevant.


I wish I had more understanding of climate change myself. Unfortunately, I have a problem separating information from the messenger – in this case the United Nations. The UN track record for dishonesty and corruption is almost a given. That doesn’t mean their scientists are wrong in this instance, however, anymore than it means that they are right. Just because Al Gore is pompous and self-serving and is well-known to have been a poor student (let alone capable of understanding the finer points of climatology) doesn’t mean that anthropogenic global warming does not exist. In the final analysis, it has nothing to do with it.

The new UN climate report evidently begins with an attack on global warming skeptics. I haven’t read it. But even if I had, unfortunately I wouldn’t know what to say. Like Al Gore, I am unqualified.

I do know what to say about my friend Ron Silver’s latest post on his PajamasXpress blog Silver Bullet – magnificent. Considering the staggering number of comments, others seem to agree.


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