Roger L. Simon

The New and (Not Necessarily Improved) Super Short Academy Reviews

Every year at this time my mailbox (and Fedex delivery) fills up with DVDs of the year’s movies “For My Consideration,” e. g. my Academy Award vote. Therefore, I usually save my movie-going for Nov-Dec since I can see the films in the comfort of my own home – this time around on a spiffy new projection system. That hasn’t helped the movies, needless to say. Also, almost none of them are worthy of lengthy comment. (Yes, I admit I would have made a lousy movie reviewer because I have seen way too many films and “the movie pleasure joints” have long ago begun to wind or grind down. So factor that in. I don’t like a lot of movies and I rarely watch them through if I’m not entertained or interested.)

So this year I am going to keep it short (unless I don’t) with the ultimate one-word DVD movie reviews: WATCHED/EJECTED. It comes down to that end anyway. I’ll provide a link to Rotten Tomatoes so you can see how others felt.

By the way, there’s nothing special about anybody’s movie review. It’s just an opinion.

Spiderman 3 – WATCHED
Across the Universe – EJECTED
The Namesake – WATCHED, but considered ejecting. (Oops, I already broke my rule.)

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