Stephen Green, adult

I really shouldn’t be blogging today (post operative), but I had to put in a few words of praise for Stephen Green whose article – I Was a Card-Carrying Libertarian: Confessions of a Black Sheep Republican – is generating a lot of action over on Pajamas today.


A lot younger than I did and coming from the opposite direction, Stephen has discovered that painful, but finally liberating, truth – it ain’t simple. You want to have some ideology to hang onto, some method of organizing everything, but the moment you settle on one thing, if you’re even partially awake, it kicks you in the head.

That is why I am leery of true believers, whether they are trailing in the wakes of Karl Marx or Ayn Rand. But enough for now… I’m supposed to be recuperating from eye surgery (which means for me that I didn’t get on IM with PJM Barcelona editor Jose Guardia until 7:45AM.)


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