Iraq: Who(m) Do We Trust?

Do we believe Retired General Ricardo Sanchez when he describes the US mission in Iraq as a “nightmare with no end in sight” or is he just a disgruntled former employee? Sanchez didn’t exactly distinguish himself when he was running things back 2003-2004 – the Abu Ghraib era. From the AP coverage:


He was never charged with anything but he was not promoted in the aftermath of the prisoner abuse reports. He was criticized by some for not doing more to avoid mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners.

Sanchez told the gathering that he thought he had made mistakes and said he didn’t always fully appreciate the secondary affects of actions the military took.

He did deny reports that he and then-Iraqi administrator L. Paul Bremer were not on speaking terms. He said they spoke every day.

Nevertheless, Drudge has seen fit to put this ex-gen’s opinions up top. Can’t accuse the website of tilting conservative on that one.

Yes, I am aware that Sanchez also spent a huge amount of his time bashing the media’s Iraq coverage. I of course agree with him on that, but you can’t be selective. The man is not what I would call a “trusted source,” if indeed there could be such a thing.


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