Polling the polls

I don’t get it. According to RCP, the most recent Rasmussen Poll shows Fred up 2% while the most recent ABC/Washington Post shows Rudy up 17.


And both polls were taken at the same time – 9/27-9/30. Were they polling in the same country? It’s hard to take this very seriously.


I suppose we have to wait until Iowa and New Hampshire weigh in officially. But I am one of those who has always wondered why in the world we give so much power to those tiny places? I don’t mean offense to the good people of Iowa and NH but… I have to say it doesn’t compute. And Iowa isn’t even an election – it’s a caucus, a kind of phony gathering of zealots. And as you know, zealots will believe anything. That particular group has reelected a man from time immemorial who lied bigtime about his military service.

Meanwhile, who is ahead in the polls and why is Rasmussen so different? (Yes, I know Ras is likely voters and ABC general adults, but still… what a spread!)


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