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Missing at the Jerusalem Post - can someone figure this out? (UPDATED)

Only an hour or so ago I linked from the Pajamas Media scroll to a gruesome story at the Jerusalem Post. My title for the link (very close to the JPost hed) was and is Another “honor” killing: 16-year old girl lynched in Gaza.

As you can see from clicking on the link, however, the story is now gone (4:50PM Pacific), replaced by the words: Article content not available. Evidence of the full story is still there, however, if you look at the left of the page where their title remains and the notation that their have been 40 comments.

What gives? Computer error or withdrawal of the story?

For the record,the study detailed a horrifying honor killing in Gaza, which, evidently, had been recorded on video. Here is the story (by Khaled Abu Toameh) for your edification:

This time it’s the brutal murder of a 16-year-old girl in the Gaza Strip. Her crime: “dishonoring” her family. Of course, there is no way to verify the allegations against her and other females who have fallen victim to “honor killings.”

The gruesome murder occurred a few weeks ago, when the girl – who looks much younger than her age – was dragged into the street and handed to an mob of angry young men.
yewitnesses told The Jerusalem Post that many of those who participated in the lynch were Hamas members and relatives of the girl.

A five-minute video obtained by the Post over the weekend reveals the savagery and mercilessness of the killers.

What’s really disturbing is that none of those at the crime scene tried to intervene to save the girl’s life.

More than 20 young men are seen beating, stabbing and kicking the little girl before smashing her head with large stones.

It’s not easy to watch such a video. The scenes of the girl lying on the ground as frenzied men trample her are unimaginable.

At one point, the girl tries to cover her head with her hands to avoid the kicking. She then tries to rise to her feet, only to be stabbed repeatedly by one of the men.

As she collapses, one of the attackers pulls down her skirt so that the rest of his friends will not see her underwear. The girl is required to maintain her “modesty” even as she is being preyed upon.

And just when you think the lynch is about to end, someone emerges from the crowd carrying a large white stone.
He throws the stone at the girl’s back as she lays face down, motionless.

Seconds later, another man throws a large stone at the back of her head. The video ends with the girl laying in a pool of blood.

Mission accomplished. Hours later, a few local reporters sent a terse statement to their news organizations informing them of another “honor killing” in the Gaza Strip. Not a word about the way the girl had been lynched. The story barely made it to the mainstream media.
I asked a Hamas security official if he had been aware of the incident.
“There have been a number of cases in the Gaza Strip in the past few months, but we didn’t hear about this specific killing,” he replied. “In any case, we are against these killings because we don’t want anyone to take the law into his own hands.”

Needless to say, no one has been arrested, despite the public nature of the killing.

According to the Gaza-based Palestinian Center for Human Rights, at least 11 women have been killed in the Strip since the beginning of the year in what are traditionally known as “honor killings.”

The most recent took place in late July, when three sisters were fatally stabbed by male relatives in Deir el-Balah in the central Gaza Strip.
Sources in the Strip said many cases were never been reported, with the victims buried secretly.

UPDATE: Reference to the article in the “Talkback” section on the left, which registered the number of comments at 40, has now also been removed.

MORE: I just went over to Gateway Pundit and was updated on this. That this is an old video is more than a little bit worrisome. The Jerusalem Post must make very clear to everyone how this error was made, because it is not a minor one. Only yesterday they published another story by the same author, which was also hugely derogatory about life in Gaza. If you are going to publish matter that is that strong, you have to stand behind its authenticity or everything will be doubted. This is Journalism 101. Just because the Post is admired by many readers of this and similar sites does not free them to leave something like this unexplained.

AND: Just a theory, fwiw, playing my old crime writer game over what happened… The earlier article referred to above was tremendously humiliating to Palestinian authorities, imputing rife homosexual orgies to Fatah and pederasty to Hamas. Perhaps someone laid a trap for its author… Abu Toameh… out of vengeance or to discredit him. Who knows? In any case, he fell for something.