Roger L. Simon

Hillary and the mother's milk

I wonder if the fresh-faced Hillary Rodham, Wellesley student, the NYT has been hyping of late had any idea of the ugly muck she would have to wade through for the rest of her life in pursuit of the power and the glory. Money, as the cliche goes, is the mother’s milk of politics. That’s been true all our lives. McCain -Feingold solved nothing. One of things about the Thompson campaign is that he has been doing well without a lot of money (ahead in today’s Rasmussen). If that keeps up, maybe he will prove that you can run without such a ton of cash…. of course, he’s an actor and all but… with the current insatiable media, almost anyone credible gets a huge amount of attention. Maybe the ability to buy endless ads doesn’t amount to so much anymore. People tune them out. I know I dod.