Roger L. Simon

Giuliani - Defying Gravity

Here’s something interesting from Charles Krauthammer on last night’s Brit Hume Show:

KRAUTHAMMER: But what is really interesting, I think, is the Giuliani effect. This is a guy who defies gravity. Everybody expected six months ago that, yes, he was high in the numbers because people associate him with 9/11. But when Republicans discover how socially liberal he is, his numbers will plummet. And they have not.

And people, I think, are aware of his positions on abortion, et cetera, and I think that the answer is that Republicans are grown up, and they understand that a president is not going to have a revolution in social affairs. Reagan did not on abortion. It is not going to happen.

And what is important is the war on terror. Democrats are not reliable. Giuliani is a guy who in a Democratic year, which is going to be in 2008, could win. After all, he is a guy who won reelection twice in Sodom and Gomorrah.

Yes and yes. But there’s more. As the nomination of Hillary becomes increasingly likely (and it has), the strength of Giuliani as her opponent increases. Maybe we will all look back in 2009 and see this seemingly interminable election was actually all over before it started.