Roger L. Simon

You think Chernobyl was bad?

Admittedly, there is still dispute about how serious it was. But while Mohammed El Baradei negotiates the “peaceful” use of nuclear energy by the Iranians, he ought – and the world ought – to consider this analysis from the UPI’s Claude Salhani:

What do Japan and Iran have in common? Japan has nuclear power plants and Iran is on its way to acquiring nuclear technology. Japan is prone to powerful earthquakes, and so is Iran. This is where the similarities end.

If a similar earthquake was to hit one of Iran’s nuclear facilities, the consequences could be expected to be far worse, affecting oil production in the Gulf region and sending the price of a barrel of oil skyrocketing.

And that’s the least of it. We can all remember the frightened ineptitude with which primitive Iran has faced earthquakes in recent years, the psychotic ideologues who run the country debating whether to accept aid from the Infidels in the US and Israel. They couldn’t even handle it when a terremoto hit rural villages. Wait until it hits a reactor.

But wait – there’s more…. as we hear ad infinitum on late night television. Iran is run by a clique that believes that chaos will bring forth the Mahdi (Shiite messiah) and save the world for Allah. Not particularly reassuring when you think about nuclear safety. Maybe El Baradei should ask Larajani a a question about that when he next confronts Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator. [Don’t hold your breath.-ed. Don’t worry. I’m not.]