Hillary goes off the deep end

I admit that part of me wanted a Democrat to win in 2008 – especially if it was Hillary Clinton – because that would force that party to “own” the War on Terror and, I thought, victory over Islamofascism is so crucial we need as much of our society participating in this battle as possible.


Well, I was wrong about Hillary and, I suppose, I’m glad I found out now.

By voting against the military appropriations bill for Iraq today, Hillary, even more than the other Democratic presidential aspirants who voted against it, showed herself to be venal and cowardly. Why more? Because she more than any of them, I strongly suspect, was motivated entirely by political pandering. Obama etc. on some level believe (absurd as it is) the pseudo-pacifist drivel promulgated by the neo-isolationist left. I doubt Hillary does for one minute. She was governed by fear in her vote and acting out of a slavish need to be elected. In these times, someone like that has no business in the Oval Office.


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