Roger L. Simon

No Gun Control in Gaza (Child Abuse is the Problem)

Opponents of the Second Amendment might point to Gaza as a place that a little gun control might go a long way. It seems to be a one-man-three-hundred-and-twenty-guns kind of place with the idea of a “license to carry” about as close at hand as Alpha Centauri.

Of course, in the press reports it’s the Israelis (who left) who are overtly or covertly to blame for all this. Never mind that Israeli citizens themselves are under daily bombardment far inside their borders. They should grin and bare it, I guess these “progressives” are trying to say. It’s not even worth wondering what these reactionary media nabobs would do themselves if their families were under similar attack – we know. (Well, we don’t – they might run for the hills or go for the nukes, depending on their temperaments. You also find yourself weirdly sympathetic to the inept Ehud Olmert when the likes of Eli Wiesel are telling him to negotiate with the Palestinians. How? In a flak jacket? And with whom?)

We also know the source of this Palestinian craziness. It is sadly obvious and it is in no way new. And the cycle couldn’t be more vicious and scary and endless. Child abuse is the problem. Almost every Palestinian child is raised with guns in their hands and the Islamist words of the Koran in their ears, spewing hatred at every Infidel, the monkey and pig Jews first. And now they’re doing it with their own “Mickey Mouse” on television. Until this changes, Solomon himself couldn’t negotiate a peace that was worth a Chinaman’s hudna.

I never thought Golda Meir was right when she said years ago: “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.” Now I wonder.