Roger L. Simon

The Asgari File

The case of missing Iranian general Ali Reza Asgari keeps getting curiouser and curiouser. A few days ago it was reported that Asgari was essentially an Israeli spy (under a false flag) and that his family had fled Iran before him. Now it is reported that the family is still in Iran and that they are accusing Iran’s enemies (we know who they are) of abducting the former general now “olive oil importer”. They are further accusing the Israelis of torturing the poor fellow.

Of course Asgari has more than one wife, so this proves little. But what may be more interesting is the near-simultaneity of the sudden Russian turnabout on the Iranian nuclear program. The Ruskies have suddenly stopped work on the Bushehr reactor supposedly because of a delayed payment of twenty-five million dollars. Believe that if you want to, but I don’t and neither does Stratfor (who know these things much better than I). My mystery writer speculation is that some information, whether coerced or volunteered, came out of Iran with Asgari that has led the Russians to change course. Or is this just my imagination?