Roger L. Simon



LOS ANGELES, MARCH 10, 2007 – Unnamed Democratic party officials speaking on condition of anonymity today rejected blogger/screenwriter Roger L. Simon’s offer to hold the August 14 Democratic Party debate in his house. That debate had been previously scheduled in Las Vegas when the Nevada Democratic Party pulled out because of alleged bias by Fox News.

Reached early this morning Simon said “I had promised to be unbiased. I even agreed not to ask any questions about John Edwards’ new house. But MoveOn just told me to move on.”

Simon further added that he had only voted for Republicans twice in his life and had never even met Sean Hannity. “Moreover, although I shave my head, I still have plenty of blow dryers available for Mr. Edwards.”

Still, Democrats were having none of it. “Simon just doesn’t pass the smell test,” said one of the unnamed officials. “He’s the only person on his block who doesn’t drive a Prius.”