Bolton Bashes Bush

Well, not exactly. But he did say this to Kyodo News: “I think the deal violates the principle that President Bush followed during his first term in office that we don’t reward bad behavior, especially by rogue states and proliferators like North Korea,” [former US UN Ambassador John] Bolton said.


He was talking about the recent six-party talks agreement with the NORKS. He added: “My concern is that we had North Korea in a corner after the nuclear test and now we’ve helped them get out of the corner,” he said, pointing to the resumption of talks between the two Koreas, the probability that Seoul will resume the flow of aid to Pyongyang stopped after the nuclear test and reports that Australia will resume diplomatic ties with the North Koreans.

Bolton, the assistant secretary for international security and nonproliferation at the State Department before his stint as U.N. ambassador, said North Korea will not give up its nuclear program voluntarily and will inevitably cheat on the agreement.

Is Bolton right? Most probably. At least past experience makes it look that way.

Well, it was fun while it lasted (having Bolton in the UN, I mean).


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