Roger L. Simon

Success of Rudy on Fox

Hannity & Colmes ran one of those snap polls last night, asking their viewers to choose between Giuliani, Romney and McCain for the Republican presidential nomination via text messaging. Rudy won in a walk (54%) with McCain coming in a disastrous third (14%), faring only slightly better than he is in the Pajamas Media poll. Nina Easton popped up to defend McCain, but I suspect his popularity stems from mainstream media folks like Nina and that his candidacy will implode.

What was more interesting was the panic on Alan Colmes’ face at the obvious strength of Giuliani’s candidacy. How come those Republicans weren’t upset with the mayor’s suspect social values, etc.? Colmes knew the truth that Dick Morris, sitting next to him, spoke out loud – the candidate the Democrats fear most is Giuliani. Indeed, in my view, he might clean their clock. In his private email (you can subsribe on his site) Morris is predicting that Giuliani and Hilary will win their respective party nominations de facto by the end of ’07. That will give us a long wait before the conventions.