Roger L. Simon


Is it just because I disagree with some (not all) of her political views that I find Nancy Pelosi distasteful? As I watched her tonight on the Greta Van Susteren show, backing and shuffling on the why-it’s-okay-for-me-to-have my-own-military-jet-issue, all I could think of was I was watching a half-bright, elitist rich lady from a tony San Francisco suburb with no real convictions, only a lust for power. Having lived most of my life in Hollywood, I admit to having a low tolerance for privileged hypocrites mouthing liberal pieties. But you would think that someone with a professed devotion to the environment would have more sense of how she appears. Whatever happened to the concept of leading by example? Frankly, the environmental area is where I would normally be most sympathetic to Pelosi’s views. But being lectured by such a person is a complete turnoff. She makes me want to guzzle gas, pollute and run around in an humongous vehicle just like hers.

UPDATE: I have to admit that some of this car/plane stuff appears to have been overblown. In the car/SUV area, it’s pretty clear Pelosi was just driving in an assigned vehicle. A lot (not all) of what I have written above is inconsequential and I apologize for it.