The Iraq Poll - Doom and Gloom

One of my favorite bloggers, Dean Barnett, links to a Fox News Poll this morning saying over one-third of our country either doesn’t want the new Bush policy in Iraq to succeed or doesn’t know if they do. Dean thinks these stats mean the sky is falling.


I’m not so sure. Actually I thought it would be worse. But I also think that Dean may be misinterpreting the poll . I’m no polling expert – and I’m not even sure polling experts are polling experts – but I think most of those people were just registering their strong disapproval of the war and general Bush hatred. If you sat down with them, they would acknowledge it’s better for the US to win. Now, of course, there are the members of the Sheehanese Liberation Front and their ilk. But I refuse to believe they represent a third of the country – or even close.

MORE: But speaking of “Which Side Are You On?”… Over on The Daily Gut is this interesting post about the recent pronouncements of Robert Redford at the opening of the Sundance Film Festival. It seems “Ordinary” (Redford’s nickname used by those of us, including yours truly, who taught at the Sundance Institute) proclaimed he he had been Bush’s ally after 9-11 (only to feel betrayed by the President, of course). The blogger at the Gut says that Redford was, to put it mildly, fibbing.


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