A (around my belt) = pie R squared (and growing)

Of course, we’re talking about pizza pie here, which is making a comeback since Wolfgang Puck ripped it away from Napoli and put some salmon and cream cheese on it, then added just about anything else you can think of. The results then were, well, interesting for a while, but now serious pie is back. We tried it last night in Seattle at Tom Douglas’ latest eatery – Serious Pie. If you’re within three miles or so of the place, don’t miss it. I don’t know what it is with this Douglas guy but he seems to do almost everything well … even Greek food. The pizzas at Serious Pie were some of the best I’ve eaten.


Next stop: Mozza in LA. This is the new Nancy Silverton-Mario Batali upscale pizza joint, which is currently the hottest seat in my home town. I have tried to get in several times at weird hours, but so far no luck. I take this to be good news for my waistline, since sooner or later the traffic will lighten up and I will find myself in front of one (or six) of their pies.

OOPS: Typo in the above. I meant three hundred, not three, miles from the restaurant. I wrote that in a hurry before catching a plane back to LA. Note to promoguy: I like Patsy D’Amores too. THere’s a branch in the Farmers Market, as you probably know.


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