Roger L. Simon

Ahmadinejad - The Counter Conference

Tony Blair – among other leaders- is outraged at the conference of Holocaust deniers scheduled by the mullahs. But as we know, outrage at Ahmadinejad & company never seems to work. Indeed, the theocrats appear to thrive on it, whipping up their minions in a chorus of “Death to Israel!”, etc.

So I propose an alternative approach. Why not have a conference of our own – “Does the 12th Imam exist and are those who believe in his coming certifiably insane?” We could get a series of eminent psychiatrists to testify on to what degree this is “magical thinking”and if the leadership of Iran should be institutionalized. This conference should be heavily publicized and run incessantly on our television networks, just as their Holocaust drivel runs on their state run networks. Turn about is fair play, no?