Roger L. Simon

Rockin' Woolsey... The former DCI rocks out with a former Doobie Brother and tells it like it is on energy independence

I was at the Four Seasons Bev Hills last night to see James Woolsey receive the Jerusalem Prize of the American Jewish Congress. These events are usually pretty stodgy but this one was surprisingly entertaining, not least because the former Director of Central Intelligence turns out to have a secret side. [Don’t they all?-ed. Not this kind.] Woolsey, who hails from Oklahoma, is a closet country rocker. Well, he came out of the closet last night to perform with Jeff “Skunk” Baxter of the Doobie Brothers. A quick-and-dirty video of the duet will be up on Pajamas later.

Woolsey’s keynote speech at the event was quite interesting. His hobby horse du jour appears to be energy independence and he is quite convincing on the subject. Without it, he indicates, we will continue to be the primary subsidizers of the Islamofascist terrorism which is bent on destroying us. The former DCI is not, however, a great advocate of hydrogen because of the immense costs in building a new infrastructure. He favors the use of grasses, a cheaper and more immediate method. Once we make a public commitment to energy independence, he thinks the Saudis, Mullahs, etc., will panic and begin to mend their ways. I think that’s more than worth a shot. Where are our politicians?