and their ilk and the State Dept. Arabists...

.. Baker, Scowcroft, et al…. have more in common then they would like to admit. They both advocate dialog with Syria. Of course, that’s not looking very good this morning. Across the Bay puts it most succinctly:


This assassination [Pierre Gemeyal] will likely ensure that if such street rallies do take place, clashes would erupt, as it’s clear that the Syrians are set on that. (Just another reminder for the idiots who believe Syria is a force of “stability.”)

Syria has a primary objective that outweighs everything else: kill the Hariri tribunal, and redominate Lebanon at any cost. This is nothing short than a fight to the death for the Syrians. And, as these thugs have done throughout their bloody history, they will kill anyone.

Maybe this will be a wake-up call for Bush.


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