Roger L. Simon

Independent's Day: A Lieberman Rout?

If things remain roughly the same – he is now up 20 in the polls – Joe Lieberman will have a rather triumphant walk back to his Senate seat come January. I wonder what his supposed friends will be thinking … Chris Dodd, Ted Kennedy, among others, not to mention Al Gore, who, of course, no longer sits in the Senate … the ones who deserted him for the not-ready-for-prime-time Ned Lamont. Will they come up to congratulate him? What will Lieberman say? He will have the power to wound them – morally and politically – but my guess is he will be gracious. People like Dodd (I understand he supported Lamont because he didn’t want his own presidential ambitions to be tainted by apostate Joe) and Kennedy (who is an all-time champion when it comes to cowardice, for reasons we all know) don’t deserve to sit in the same chamber as Lieberman. They hew to the lines of their party like over-stuffed apparatchniks of some lost Politburo of the mind (separated at birth – Ted Kennedy and Malenkov?). Maybe this election will begin an awakening of sorts. The public is no doubt disgusted with latest Congessional political hijinks. Anyone with an IQ in triple digits knows it is nothing more than a sideshow. The tremendous success of Lieberman (so far) shows that the citizens of Connecticut (at least) respect a man who thinks for himself and does not adhere to the brain dead orthodoxies of party politics as currently practiced in this country. In his interview with Pajamas Media, he indicated pretty clearly he would be an Independent first, then a Democrat. What a guy. What a grown-up!