Roger L. Simon

Endangered Species Alert (and not one we should be worrying about)

Tonight begins the tenure of Katie Couric as the anchor of CBS Evening News with the “astonishing new wrinkle” that for the first time a WOMAN will be holding this job. (Yawn, zzzz…. did you forget your Ambien?)…. Back on January 10, 2005 I had something to say about this matter – and included a photograph of a woolly mammoth (or was it a mastadon?). Cathy Seipp, writing on Politics Central, is somewhat less critical than I. I can’t give such an event more than a few sentences. May the brain-drilling begin.

UPDATE: The AP’s David Brauder calls this an “historic” event: “She ended the historic evening by asking viewers for help in crafting a distinctive signoff.” The possiblities are endless.