Roger L. Simon

Hezbollah Disproportionality

According to the most recent reports, Hezbollah has fired 120 missiles in 90 minutes into Israel. Of course they are intended directly to kill civilians. Can you imagine what it would have been like in three years – with yet more sophisticated weapons – if Israel had not responded now? Those who criticize Israel are living in a cloud-cuckoo-land that makes the appeaser of the late 1930s look hardnosed by comparison. At least the Chamberlains didn’t have a Nazi past to look back on.

What’s interesting today, though, is the Franco-American agreement on a ceasefire . There is apparently no mention of “immediate ceasefire” at all. If this is true, this is heartening because it may mean there is some recognition by the French of the gravity of the situation, that Israel must be allowed to prevail against Hezbollah and by extension its masters in Tehran and Damascus before the world becomes a complete playground for Islamofascist lunatics and their Baathist assistants.