Roger L. Simon

The Qana Mystery deepens

Blogger Yael K in Tel Aviv has an excellent roundup of the doubts so far on this supposed tragedy. I still remain agnostic, but I think it is clear some hanky-panky was involved. Of course to think there could be a sanitary war in general is abusrd. If that’s what you’re looking for, play chess. In order to win WWII, we ended up destroying Tokyo and Dresden. What is going on in Lebanon is nothing at all by comparison, yet the enemy, Hezbollah-Iran, etc., is equally dangerous, perhaps more so. Ironically, what confuses the quondam left is that the developing world could be such a threat. They are reputedly the downtrodden. Why are we picking on them? Well, it’s simple. They are picking on us – and there are more of them, more by far than there ever were Nazis and Brown Shirts, the “acceptable” enemies. And their belief system is locked in by God. If you don’t think that’s scary and worth resisting, I don’t know what you think is.

UPDATE: Haaretz is reporting the Qana body count has fallen sharply (according to the Red Cross). Will this be on the mainstream media tonight? Let’s watch and find out.