Roger L. Simon

The post-modern war continues

It’s 6:40AM in Los Angeles and, addict that I am, I am already online chatting in IM with José Guardia in Barcelona, discussing our war coverage, when the Skype phone rings. It’s Eugene in Haifa. I click to respond, but there is no answer. I try calling him – nothing. So I try him in Skype text chat where he has left messages for me.

just tried to skype you.
7/22/06 6:58 AM


Again nothing. No response.

I go over to iChat and tell José what has has happened. We’re both worried. Has something gone wrong in the bunker – or worse? Then the message comes in from Haifa.

siren, I hit the button by mistake
7/22/06 7:00 AM

were fine, they keep missing

José and I are both hugely relieved. How post-modern, we think, all this trans-global communication. Of course, you can die in a post-modern war.