Roger L. Simon

Peace would make them crazy

I am afraid the Palestinians have lived so long in a state of rage and paranoia that peace would give them a nervous breakdown. Imagine what would happen in the highly unlikely possibility that their leadership said let’s forget Israel and concentrate on building a successful society of our own. Very few people would know what to do. Their entire culture has been constructed around blaming the other. Witness the pure insanity of yesterday’s incursion north of Gaza. According to Haaretz, Mahmoud Abbas has washed his hands of the whole affair and told the Hamas leadership they will have to deal with their own lunatics who have decided this was the time to kidnap an Israeli soldier (for the sake of what?). The Hamas leaders’ response, according to the same article, is to go into hiding, fearing for their lives (they should). What the Palestinians need more than anything is an influx of about 100,000 psychotherapists. And they better be good ones. [Maybe that’s something Europe could donate.-ed. I don’t think they could spare them.]