Roger L. Simon

Mirthless Murtha, Sheehan and others

What’s most repellent in the latest … wasn’t it always obvious?… display of Jack Murtha’s ignorance is how the Mainstream Media barely called him on it. Instead, they exploit the dim bulb congressman in the same manner they exploited the equally dim Cindy Sheehan. I doubt Sheehan and Murtha realize even faintly how much contempt they are held in by their putative supporters. What we have is pseudo-progressives exploiting useful idiots – an intellectual tap dance not even Lenin could have conceived of. The result of this, of course, is that supposed “Left” escapes without having a real plan to deal with the actual War on Terror. Instead, they put up their dopey proxies and hide behind them until the proxies become so extreme and illogical they are no longer useful. That is what happened to Michael Moore, has more or less happened to Sheehan and will soon happen to Murtha. But no matter. Replacements will be found in this cynical, once-upon-a-time-leftist universe.