Roger L. Simon

Phonies of the Los Angeles Times

Today’s editorial on the NSA in the LATimes is an example of why I no longer waste any time on the newspaper (Food Section excepted, of course). The drones at the LAT wrote the following: The secretive NSA (an abbreviation, Washington wags say, for “No Such Agency”) has overseen a domestic surveillance program whose existence is known only because of media reports and whose exact contours remain a mystery even to most members of Congress.

Apparently the fellas at the LAT have never read the best-selling The Puzzle Palace (copyright 1983! and all about the NSA) or heard of the Echelon program, which has been running through several adminstrations. All this “Ohmygod, whatistheNSAdoing?” nonsense is so much propagandistic crap. Anyone paying the slightest attention has known for years what the NSA’s brief was. What are all those satellites supposed to be for,anyway? The level of hypocrisy in all this is staggering. If you don’t want an NSA, say so. But the obvious question is – where have you been for the last several decades?