Roger L. Simon

Hix Nix Kos Pix

Although it underscores what we already knew – that Glenn Reynolds (whose book is selling much better) has remarkable respect in the blogosphere for his integrity and intelligence – I must say I am surprised at the relatively pathetic sales figures for Markos Zuniga’s book “Crashing the Gates.” It could mean one of several things: 1. Kos’ audience has heard it all already; 2. Kos’ audience is not “bookish”; 3. Kos’ audience is not as big as it’s cracked up to be; 4. Kos doesn’t write particularly well; 5. Kos doesn’t have anything new to say. 6. People are tired of all this political blather anyway. (Hinderaker thinks the latter).

I suspect some combo of “all of the above” might be the proper answer. But this dismal response, coupled with a similar response to AirAmerica detailed in the above Drudge link, should give pause to those Dems rejoicing over Bush’s numbers. When it comes to politics these days, the public is not just fed up with Bush. It’s fed up with “all of the above.”

[What about your most recent book sales figures, smart guy?-ed. There’s a reason there’s a Fifth Amendment to the Constitution.]

UPDATE: Correction here.