Roger L. Simon

Call me "unforgiveable"

Not missing a beat to curry favor with his constituents, desperate politician Mahmoud Abbas has called the Israeli raid on the Jericho prison an “unforgivable crime.” Hyperventilating a bit there, are we, Mahmoud? Now let’s see… Hamas says they are about to free a group of terrorists from that prison, including Ahmed Saadat (secretary general of the notorious PFLP), then the British and American monitors leave the premises, fearing for their own safety, and the Israelis are supposed to do what? Sit on their rear ends? Negotiate with Mahmoud Abbas – a lame duck who was never more than a figurehead in the first place and is now a joke? Talk to Hamas who doesn’t even recognize their existence and are terrorists themselves? Let’s get serious. Even if this weren’t in the midst of an Israeli electoral campaign, the result would be obvious. The people who should really be playing close attention to this are the Iranians – and I would imagine they are. Because it is an example of how the Israelis take action when their interests are threatened. They’ll do it again.