Roger L. Simon

Google DDrive

It seems that some bloggers are suspcious about the latest Google rumor (mysteriously disappeared from the web) – that the Sililcon Valley behemoth is about to offer everyone free online storage for all their data on a (what else?) “GDrive.” CNET reports demurrals from such blogging colleagues as Tech Crunch:

“Information was clearly purged from analyst materials (unless this is an elaborate hoax by Greg and his readers), meaning we have selective disclosure of this information. Some people received it but it is not generally available to the public. I don’t like this. In fact, I think it’s Gevil. Now that some people know about it, Google should put it (back) up on the Web. “

ValleyWag says:

“Any timeline is unclear. The internal notes say Google’s ‘store 100 percent’ scenario would be made possible if Google had ‘infinite storage’…Left out, I assume, is the revelation: ‘Google’s live-forever scenario would be made possible if not for the problem of death.'”

Ah, but that’s where ValleyWag and I differ. I say if Google wants to take over all of life, why not death as well? Google should go the whole way. GDrive is fine, but what about a DDrive? As in life, so in death. We are all Google. Instead of being cremated, or even worse stashed in some crowded graveyard, we are simply uploaded. Think of the positive ecological implications.

UPDATE: More (with less sarcasm) here.