Lantos Effect continues

The Boi from Troy notes another case of Rep. Tom Lantos (D-San Mateo) rising above the interminable partisan game-playing and selfishness that pollutes our democracy:


Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice swore in California businessman Roland Arnall to the post of Ambassador of the Netherlands on Monday, February 27th.

Roland Arnall takes on the position of Ambassador in a very important country to the US on the global war on terror. Bravo to the elder statesman, California Congressman Tom Lantos, who seems to keep getting it right after over 10 terms in Congress. Democrats, scorned at the fact that Arnall had switched his political contributions from Ds to Rs had tried putting the kibosh on the nomination, trying to link the man to the business practices of the company he founded decades ago. But one Democrat on the Hill stood out and in support of the nomination, even if it was not popular with his party: Tom Lantos.

Readers of this site and lovers of internet freedom in general know why we think Lantos is the Mantos.


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