Roger L. Simon


I am sitting here in the glorious main hall of the Cipriani on 42nd Street for the SIIA Conference where I am going to be a panelist later in the afternoon.

How I am going to do this is unclear because I am sick as a dog. My ears are plugged and I have a deep hacking cough that makes me sound like a refugee from an Umberto Eco novel. I am now listening to a panel called “Deals Gone Wild,” which has speakers from AOL, VeriSign and Spark Capital. I can’t hear a word they’re saying, in part because of my plugged ears and in part because of the terrible acoustics in the cavernous hall. I caught the tale end of an interview with the CEO of Craig’s List that sounded interesting, not that I could hear much of the that either.

Coming up at lunch – a GOOGLE VP. Now that should be even more interesting. I’ll try to get close enough to hear. If I had any strength, I ‘d ask a question about China. But I don’t. Of course, no at Google is likely to be in a very good mood today.