Roger L. Simon

Barbarians at the Gates

This AP coverage says it all: Hours after unofficial results indicated Hamas’ clear victory in the Palestinian elections, Hamas supporters poured into the Palestinian parliament amid clashes with Fatah loyalists.

The Hamas supporters then raised the Hamas flag over the building.

The two camps threw stones at each other, breaking windows in the building, as Fatah supporters briefly tried to lower the green Hamas banners. The crowd of about 3,000 Hamas backers cheered and whistled as activists on the roof of the parliament raised the Hamas banner again.

Actually, on ten minutes reflection (it’s pretty early here in LA), I am glad Hamas won. Elections should reflect the will of the people and this one reflects the will of the Palestinians. Now we know. The big winners: stockholders in the various companies building the wall. The big losers: the people of the Middle East. [But they always lose.-ed. Yes, that’s true.]

UPDATE: I respectfully disagree with my Pajama partner Wretchard at Belmont Club. I do not think this will necessarily make Netanyahu the next Israeli prime minister. I imagine Olmert knows how to behave under the circumstances.