Roger L. Simon

Some people change, others don't

I have been running around gorgeous Bainbridge Island all day with Sheryl and Madeleine, looking at cedars and Douglas fir instead of various people’s blather on the internet, but now I am back on the ferry again, cruising into Seattle, and instead of looking at that city’s glorious skyline, currently illuminated, addict that I am I fired up the iBook G4 and dialed into my good friend Glenn via the ferry’s WiFi. I found myself blasted back into the past, to Scarsdale High School, which I attended back in the days the sputnik was launched, because I saw the subject of discussion was my high school debating team mate Robert Kuttner. Yes, Bob Kuttner and I represented Scardale High against all debating comers in those days. I remember we did okay too. We were both pure liberals then, young guys very confident of ourselves… more or less anyway. We went our separate ways. Bob went into political science but I veered off into the artier realms of Hollywood. For awhile, I outstripped Bob in my leftism, but times have changed. Now he’s a tried and true member of the liberal church, bashing Bush with the best of them. Obviously he hasn’t changed much at all in forty years. I wonder what he thinks about what has happened to me.