Roger L. Simon

PJ Media Iraq Election Coverage (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Elections Iraqi style – Several polling centers distributed sweets and soft drinks to the voters while men and women cheered and sang celebratory songs.

That doesn’t happen in Los Angeles. Of course, someone like this doesn’t want to celebrate for obvious (and sad) reasons. I guess the election doesn’t merit comment.

MORE: Don’t miss Mohammed’s 8:50PDT election wrap-up.

MEANWHILE: Seneca gets younger every day.

BIG LOSERS of the day so far: Howard Dean, Jack Murtha, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the rest of the reactionary, fuddy-duddy leadership of the Democratic Party. (To call them “liberals” is absurd because they have no ideology whatsoever.) How will they spin this? Of course the second big loser is the Mainstream Media – again without ideology, really.

BREAKING: The Iraqi election has been extended for an hour because of large numbers of voters waiting to vote, Mohammed reports on PJ Media at 6:45AM Pacific. Did Pajamas Media Scoop? Hard to say but I have not found earlier mention. Perhaps AP… Well, yes AP. They filed one minute before Pajamas.

A great many posts are now up at Pajamas from all over Iraq. To get more, use the nav bar on the left side of the site – even more at the archives button. Sorry that some of this is kludgy, but we are in the process of improving site, which could not be accomplished before the election. Please post your criticism/reactions to our coverage here.

UPDATE: Was just on the Tammy Bruce Show. My thanks to Tammy for helping to promote our coverage.