Roger L. Simon

The Big Hostage

Americans were famously held hostage for months at our embassy in Teheran some years ago, but it is the Europeans who have been held hostage by the Mullahcracy for decades via their dependency on Iranian oil. Now it seems the Mullahs are over-playing their hands, their new loose cannon President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad having pushed over the line with his public racism and Holocaust denial. Germany has summoned the Iranian ambassador in Berlin.

The German Foreign Ministry said on Friday it had summoned Iran’s ambassador to protest against suggestions by Iran’s president that the Holocaust might not have happened and that Israel should be moved to Europe.

Ministry spokesman Martin Jaeger said at a government news conference the decision to deliver a formal protest to Iran’s envoy in Berlin was meant to show that Berlin was taking the president’s comments very seriously.

What is the explanation for this Iranian diplomatic idiocy? Perhaps the Mullahs are now so confident of their bomb, they are preparing to circle their wagons and go completely adversarial with the West. Or maybe it’s just mass religious hysteria at work. Who can tell?

MEANWHILE: The Mullahs still have greedy friends in Russia. Ynetnews sees Israel and Iran in a new arms race.

UPDATe: Even the Saudis are complaining about Iran’s “New Stalin.” The UN also issued a condemnation.