Roger L. Simon

Amazing doings in Israel

I am one of those who admire Israeli PM Ariel Sharon for departing the Likud to form a centrist party in his country. If there is one thing Arik Sharon has never lacked, it’s guts. I also agreed with Mort Kondracke last night on Brit Hume’s Show when Mort expressed some envy of the Israelis. That’s what America could use, a sensible center party that actually reflects the electorate. Of course, everyone says that will never happen here. But suppose Sharon wins in Israel…? Food (make that falafel?) for thought.

UPDATE: Interesting email from reader Paul Elman:

I just got an e-mail from my second cousin Roi in Israel. His parents
(and grandmother, my deceased Aunt) are liberal, educated professionals who live in Labor Party central (aka the Tel Aviv suburb of Ramat Aviv) and had traditionally voted Labor. The children of both my first cousins are more conservative than their parents but since Intifada II, they (the elders and their children) have all supported Sharon.

Roi seems very excited by these political events for many reasons,
amongst them being the corruption of the Likud Party and Sharon
being the one person in Israel (at this moment) who could forge a
consensus within Israeli society that would insure security for Israel
and an equitable land division.

UPDATE: While Sharon moves to the center with the Israeli electorate, another organization (you’ll be shocked, I’m sure) continues to keep Israel out of the dialogue.